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Beer List            
$5 Mill Street, Okanagan Springs and Sapporo Pints
                                Weekdays 4-6 pm & 11-1 am

Draft Beers 20oz pint

Junction Hopfenstoper Cask IPA $6.90
Okanagan Springs IPA $6.90
Sapporo Lager $6.90
Blanche de Chambly $7.30
Stack Impact Altbier $6.90
Clifford Porter $6.90
King Pilsner $6.90
   Mill St. Tankhouse Ale $6.90
Thornbury Apple Cider $7.30
Mill St. Organic Lager $6.90
Red Racer IPA $6.90
Sawdust Rye Saison $6.90
Mill St. Cobblestone Stout $6.90
Wellington India Brown Ale $6.90

Bottled Beer From Canada

At Sarah’s Cafe & Bar we strive to provide unique quality beers; craft-brews, micro-brews because we like to support small business but more importantly we like to excite the tastebuds & try new & different things. Quebec’s Unibroue produces Abbey-style ales of outstanding quality & flavour.

Muskoka Mad Tom IPA  murky pale orange colour with pine & citrus hops flavours and malty background for balance  341ml 6.4% alc $4.30

St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout intense black ale with hints of coffee & chocolate, finishes slighty sweet.  5% 341ml $4.50
Paddock Wood 606 IPA  copper coloured ale with citrus hops balanced with biscuit and caramel flavours 341ml 5.4%alc $4.50
Fin du Monde spiced blonde bottle-fermented in the Belgian Trappist style. It has a floral aroma & has a fruity, yeasty, spicy flavour. 9% 341 ml $5.15

Mill St Coffee Porter made with dark roasted coffee beans; intense coffee flavour with notes of chocolate & roasted malt 5% 341ml $5.10
  Ephemere white beer w/ bouquet of Granny Smith apples and spices. Slightly sweet & tart & refreshingly thirst-quenching. 5.5% 341 ml $6

Steamwhistle easy-drinking refreshing, dry, crisp, clean pilsner 5% 341 ml $4.65

True North IPA all-malt classic English-style India Pale Ale. Nutty malt aromatic nuances with spicy, grassy and fruity hop aromas 6.5% alc $3.50

Duggan #9 a balance of powerful ale malts & citrusy hops create a dry, rich IPA 341 ml 6% $4.70

Hockley Valley Stout opaque black brew with a creamy texture, notes of coffee & dark chocolate with a dry finish 500 ml can $5.60
Trois Pistoles dark brown w/slightly sweet taste of roasted malt, cocoa, ripe fruit & spices w/ a smooth finish like an old port. 9% 341 ml $5.15

True North Copper Altbier aromas of toast & biscuits with ale fruitiness & tones of hop bitterness 341 ml 5% $3.80


Bottled Beer From British Isles

Traquair Jacobite Ale – Classic Scotch Ale, dark, strong, bittersweet & malty w/notes of roasted coffee & dark chocolate    8% 355 ml $7.05

Smithwicks chestnut brown, roasted malt flavour, full & rich 5.0% 330 ml $3.90

Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale amber pour w/malty notes creamy head, dry hops 4.3% 440 ml can $5.25

Boddington hoppy ale pours w/a foam cascade to form a creamy head. Delicate aroma, smooth mouthfeel. 4.7% 440 ml can $6.40

Harp Irish Lager floral aroma, pale, smooth w/dry light finish 5% 330 ml $4.15
  Hobgobblin Wychwood’s nutty, silky copper ale made w/chocolate malts 5.2% 500 ml $6.30

Bottled Beer From Germany

Weihenstephaner Dunkel spicy yeasty aromas with walnut banana bread flavours 500ml 5.3% alc $6.60

Aventinus double bock wheat, spicy, rich, sweet 8% 500 ml $7.00

Lowenbrau crisp, hoppy, refreshing lager 5.2% 500 ml $5.50

Holsten hoppy, smooth Bavarian style lager 5% 500 ml can $4.95
Becks medium hopped, full-bodied lager 5% 330 ml $5.25

Hacker Pschorr creamy wheat beer, rich, fruity, citrus, cloves 5.4% 500 ml $7.05

Weihenstephaner heffeweizen from the World’s oldest brewery 5.4% 500ml $6.60
Dab classic, crisp, easy-drinking Euro lager 5% 500 ml can $4.70

Schneider Weiss fruity wheat beer oozing banana, citrus & cloves
5.4% 500 ml $6.70

Bottled Beer From Around The World

Christoffel Nobel Dutch Pils fruity taste & smooth texture 9% 330 ml $6.80

Heineken crisp refreshing Dutch pilsner 5.0% 330 ml $5.20
Corona Mexican light lager served w/lime 4.6% 330 ml $5.10

Pilsner Urquell Czech, crisp w/distinct hop bitterness 5.0% 330 ml $4.15
Red Stripe Jamaican lager, lightly hopped 5.0% 330 ml $4.15

Samuel Adams Boston Lager Rich, malty, well-hopped 4.8% 330 ml $4.35

Bottled Beer From Belgium

Belgium is home to the world’s 6 Trappist Breweries; Achel, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren. These are rich dark strong ales made by Christian monks (originally from LaTrappe, France) according to centuries-old methods. Monasteries strived to be self-sufficient & financed through production of foodstuffs. Some monasteries continue this tradition of beer production. Abbey beers are not made in actual monasteries, but follow the style.

Lambic brewing is unique in that it uses open fermentation vats specifically to attract & use ambient wild yeasts that live in the brewery. These yeasts are airborne, alive in the walls, timbers & wooden vats of the building. They contribute to the distinct sour, sharp, dry, bready flavours.

Bottle fermentation is used extensively when a dosage of sugar & yeast prompts a second fermentation that occurs in the bottle. This contributes to lively carbonation & the lees (inactive yeast cells deposit) that develop creamy, fruity, biscuity flavours in the beer. These highly carbonated beers that are resting on lees require great care in pouring. Like decanting old red wine to remove sediment, a slow pour & watchful eye is necessary for the proper enjoyment of many of these beers. Some afficiandos enjoy the lees, & others prefer to leave them behind, either way, let your beer settle a few moments. Like a vintage port, some sediment may rest in the bottom of the glass as the beer settles out. A cap of plush foam like cappuccino is desirable on many of these beers, a sign of good health.

Belgian beers are often high in alcohol & the brewing technique for Dubbels & Triples & Quadruples is to add twice, thrice or four times the amount of usual grain to the wort to increase fermentable sugar. As the yeasts injest the sugars, they produce alcohol, in these cases, 2, 3 or 4 times the usual amount.
Abbaye de Rocs strong ale w/spicy yeasty aromas, tart yet sweet on the palate. Needs a gentle pour & time to settle the lees 8% 330 ml $6.25

Barbar stong ale made w/honey, coriander & orange peel creates a lovely nose & flavour 8% 330 ml $9

Chimay White Cap golden beer w/aromas of apples & pears. Easy drinking but w/alcohol tang, some spice & sweetness. 8% 330 ml $7.25

Lindeman’s Cassis a classic Belgian favorite. Black currants have been used for centuries as an ingredient in beers and liqours in Belgium and Northern Europe. 2.5% 250 ml $7.40

Morte Subite Framboise/Raspberry Delightful frangrance & flavour
4% 375 ml $10.25

Piraat a reward for a hard day at sea! Big head, fruity alcohol aroma, sweet spicy taste, hoppy finish
10.5% 330 ml $6.25

Westmalle Dubbel cocoa & vanilla aromas w/malty flavours & hints of dark fruits 7% 330 ml $9.25

Petrus Oud Brun oak barrel aged w/malt & dates aroma. Complex tangy, sweet flavour of stewed fruit. 5.5% 330 ml $7.25

Cochonette strong, fruity & spiced amber ale 9% 330 ml $7.05

St. Paul Double pale brown w/nutmeg & toffee notes
6.9% 330 ml $6.25
Achel Blonde orchard & stone fruit aromas w/complex flavours of yeast, white pepper, cloves, honey
8% 330 ml $9.80

Bruegel amber ale hints of molasses in the aroma & taste with some tang from the hops 330 ml 4.3% $6.25

Chimay Red Cap red-brown beer w/fruity aroma of pears & orange zest. Cloves, roasted grain & fruit flavours 7% 330 ml $9.50

Lindeman’s Apple before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and herbs were used to season beers. The fresh apple flavor melds w/tartness of lambic. 2.5% 250 ml $7.40

Morte Subite Kriek/Cherry full cherry syrup taste w/tartness & bubbles to lighten it up. 4% 375 ml $10.25

Rocheforte 8 orange/brown ale w/wonderfully complex ripe fruit esters and spicy malitiness.
9.2% 330 ml $12.50

WestmalleTrippel cloves and fruit up front wi/ dry wheaty finish
9.5% 330 ml $9.80

Petrus Blond slight citric aroma w/soft, full flavour 6.5% 330 ml $7.25

Orval light-coloured trappist ale w/earthy aromas. Rich flavour yet tart. Made w/wild yeasts. 7% 330 ml $9.25

Scaldis strongest Belgian Beer. Nutty, sweet, malty aroma like brown sugar w/slight sweetness on the palate & warm alcohol finish. 12% 250 ml $9
Achel Brun dried fruit & spice aromas w/caramel, dates & raisin on the palate 8% 330 ml $9.80

Duvel bottle-fermented, floral aromas with a big foamy head. A crisp, refresher 8.5% 330 ml $6.75

Chimay Blue Cap dark strong ale w/complex flavours of roasted malts and dried fruits 8% 330 ml $10.50

Lindeman’s Pecheresse fresh peach juice is added to Lambic 6 months young & this starts a new fermentation in the oak barrels. 2.5% 250 ml $7.40

Gulden Draak Triple dark, sweet, malty & spicy. Warming sensation from the alcohol 10.5% 330 ml $6.75

Rocheforte 10 brown ale w/aromas of figs, cherries & black pepper flavours of caramelized sugar & dark bread.
11.3% 330 ml $14.00

Yersekes Mosselbier fresh, fizzy & tart to complement mussels
4.5% 250 ml $5.25

St. Louis Gueuze tangy & sweet light apple note 4.5% 375 ml $9.95

Rodenbach Grand Cru oak aged sour ale with cherry notes 6% 330 ml $10.25

Maredsous 8 classic abbey-style beer brewed by Duvel fruity dark ale
6% 330 ml $9
Prices do not include GST & PST